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Friday, September 3, 2010

Room Renovations

Well, I could finally say I'm done!

Hey there, I know most of you have been following my room renovations and wondered where are the final products.

Here is my Craft Room. Very thing is pretty much done except that I have a wall art to put up. I want to do it when the kids are at school. I thought it was going to be an easy project until the tube arrived (you can see the tub on my desk). When I opened it up, I was expecting one big long sheet. Not quite so. All the words are separate. It even came with instructions! Yikes!!!

This is my desk area. The bottom still has work to do but, at least it's organized.

This is a better view of my draws and printer. I have all my adhesive, finger daubers, some punches and paper supplies in the draws.

This is on the right side of my desk. In each crate, I have my glues and paints, my embossing folder and my die cuts. The bottom shelve has my Big Shot supplies.

This is my closet and the shelves my DH bought me. Here I have most of my supplies. Stamps, Embellishments, Punches, Bind-it All supplies, Papers, Scrap Papers and Misc Supplies and Pre-made crafts. On the bottom left of the picture, you can see my sewing machine.

Ahhh, my beloved ribbon rack!! What else can I say {wink}.

Well, that does it for my craft room. If you want to see my children's room go to my facebook page. I have all the pictures posted there! I hope this has inspired you to create a space of your own or it has given you ideas of organizing your space.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing with you our latest fall digis and new Design Team at Sugar Creek Hollow. Make sure to come back and visit.


  1. Joseline,

    Oh do I need you! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! You have picked a wonderful wall colors and it looks like you ave a place for everything and everything has a place. So happy for you!

  2. Room looks fabulous Joseline. What a wonderful place to create.

  3. What a splendid room, JOseline! I think you need some ribbons, tee hee! I know it was all worth it and more! xoxo

  4. What a dreamy room Joseline! I would love, love, love to have a craft room as well organized as this and so lovely!
    Hugs, Marsha

  5. Wow, just look at what you have done! I know you are thrilled to have everything where it should be and be able to find whatever you need in one room! Such wonderful organization; it will be a pure pleasure to create in this environment. I am so happy for you Joseline!!
    My craft room could best be described as organized chaos, such a mess! :(