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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, here we are, day 19 of our construction.

I'm glad to say that my craft room is all done. This past weekend, my DH and I put the shelves in the closet and I spent the entire evening on Sunday organizing my craft supplies. There are a few things I need to get but, that's all cosmetics.

This morning I woke up at 5am and sneaked into my room to make a card. It felt good to take a break from all the construction and create for a bit.

Today, my FIL finished Cait's closet and put the door frame up. Here I am up on the ladder spackling while my FIL measures the frame for the door. I thought since I had my phone on me, to take this lovely pic of me. No make-up and my hair pulled back. That's my FIL in the back :-)

Tomorrow we get the floor put in. Yippee!! I have one last wall to paint in Jason's room and then his room will be all done. We still have sanding to do in Cait's room so I can't paint her room just yet.

Well, I'm off to soak in the hot bath for a while. My body is aching and I have to rest my arm. Good thing I can't do anything tomorrow while the floors are getting done. Maybe I'll just lay out back by the pool and rest. I think that's a great idea since I have to go to work on Friday to finish the paint job over there. Yikes!!

Well, thanks for stopping bye. I'll post my card later this week so you can see my latest projects.


  1. Wow Joseline! This looks super! How blessed are you to have your own craff room! Love the new blog makeover!

    Hugs, Marsha

  2. Wow... sounds like a lot of progress. I painted trim in our bedroom and I'm only going to say one thing... ugggh.

  3. Joseline, Boy it sounds like you have been working real hard, but I know from experience doing renovation, it's worth all the effort. Enjoy your new space and thanks for keeping us updated. ~B~