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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 2

It's day 2 of construction.

Yesterday my FIL and I put the frame up. Today we put the door frame and door up. We ran into a couple of hick-ups but nonetheless, we did it! So they say, "Two minds are better than one".

This is my first time putting a wall up. As a little girl, I watch my father build so many different things. I remembered when he build a lower and bottom deck at his mother's house, a loft bed for my baby sister and a platform bed and wall to wall closet for my parents bedroom. I always enjoyed watching him and couldn't wait to give a project like this a try. I see a missions trip in my near future {wink}.

Working with my FIL has been a lot of fun. I learned to measure, chisels and put a frame up. I look forward to the drywall.

The first picture is a view looking into the second room. The second view is looking out from the inside room.
Each rooms measure approximately 10'x13'. That is the size of our smallest bedroom in the house. After the drywall goes up, the next thing is to add a closet in the inner room, paint, install carpets and my MIL's favorite part, decorate!

Well, I'm off to finish dinner and rest. My brain can't take too much in one day. I'm also working on a major construction in Children's Ministry that will start next week. All your prayers that I can handle both projects, Sunday Children's Ministry and my own house chores without feeling overwhelmed.

Thanks for stopping by.

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