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Friday, June 11, 2010

Father's Day Celebration

Hey there,

Come take a look at the beautiful cards the design team as done this week. We are celebrating Father's Day at Sugar Creek Hollow. Click on the link to take you to the Sugar Creek Hollow Blog.

These girls did an amazing job! We have 2 Father's Day cards you don't want to miss out on. The first one is the Rootin' Tootin' Father's Day Set

and the newest addition is the Father's Day Air Balloon Set

Now you might be wondering where is my card right? Well, I've been on strike this week. On Strike? Yes, I've taken a hideous from crafting. You see, my craft "corner" is in the room where my children play, watch tv and guest stay over. The room is a huge mess and I've given up cleaning it until someone decides to pick up the mess first. There are toys, blankets, cups, plates, tissues, game systems, socks my little dog drags along, DVD's and mostly barbies EVERYWHERE!! I simply can not go into the room. So, of course I can't craft. I am highly considering moving my things down to the garage but, then again once the cold kicks in this winter, I will be a frozen Popsicle.

Are you ever in this type of situation? Share me a story about being on strike. I would love to read your stories.


  1. LOL!!! Oh, how I remember going on strike when my kiddos were little. The frustration at times would become so strong I just couldn't take it anymore. Working full time, taking care of the house, cooking, washing and blah, blah would just get to me and I would "go on strike". I hope yours works out better than mine, it seems the only person I hurt was myself, the kid's didn't seem to mind the mess, my husband was preoccupied and I was in a total mental hissy fit. Unfortunately your sanity maintenance mechanism is in the "room", this makes it so difficult for you. Maybe the Serenity Prayer will bring some release! Bless you dear girl, being a Mom is not for sissies!!!

  2. She is woman, hear her roar! LOL!

    Bless your heart -- you aren't alone, trust me -- I send you love and hugs and prayers for peace!


  3. My DH won't let me go on strike, so when things get bad where I am, Dad steps in and gets my 4 kiddos to shape up FAST! However, I hear ya, Joseline! The kids do grow out of it though.

  4. Well, I'm hoping that Derek steps up and does the cleaning. He just walks by it like it's no big deal. Makes me even more angry!! I think Donna is right though. I'm only hurting myself.

  5. So it's 2:30pm. The room is CLEANED!! I couldn't take it anymore and I really need to get some cards together. I did through out 3 huge trash bags though.