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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today was an exciting day. It was my first Just Stampin' Papercarft workshop at the YMCA of the year!!!

The girls made this beautiful card and they also learned how to make a little bag made out of an envelop. It's the easiest and coolest bag anyone could do. We added some goodies too!

To make the bag, you first need to seal the envelop. Then, stamp both sides with either a background stamp or stamping wheel. Next, score the two longest sides and one of the smaller sides of the envelop at 1". Make sure to fold a nice crease on all three sides (this will help when opening the bag). To make the opening, you can either cut with a scallop scissors or use a scallop punch. Now it's time to open the bag. Put one hand inside the bag while pushing in the bottom of the bag until the bag opens up. Make sure that you are creasing the corners while doing this. You will end up with two triangle tips on the bottom. Put some adhesive to secure the tips and flatten to the bottom of the bag. {Almost done} To add your handles, punch two holes on both sides of the bag with a 1/8" circle punch. Put a brad through the hole and secure the ribbon to the brad. Now that your bag is done, you can embellish the front of the bag how you wish.

I hope you try to make one of these adorable bags! If you have any questions, please leave me a comment or email me.

Thanks for looking and have a blessed evening!

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  1. Hi Joseline.....awesome projects!!! I haven't made a bagalope in a long long time. Thanks for the reminder!!! They're really so easy.

  2. Oh Joseline these are are beautiful!