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Friday, December 11, 2009

Workshops at the YMCA

Brrrr it is cold out!! I decided to stay home today and finish my Christmas Cards.

So here I am, at my craft table duplicating cards we made yesterday at my first Just Stampin' Meetup Group Workshop! This is one of the cards we made. A simple card anyone can duplicate in about 5 minutes.

About a month ago, I decided share what I love by helping others to enjoy creativity in the company of great people.

I signed up to have a Meetup group (Meetup.com) once a month from 10am to 12pm at the YMCA in my town for stay at home moms, empty nesters and anyone who is looking for a creative outlet during these tough economic times. Most importantly, I decided to only charge $10 for each workshop. This fee will go towards the cost of the rental space and supplies. A lot of my friends including my DH asked why I charged so low. Well, it's simple. We are all in a hard economic struggle. I am not looking at this as a profitable workshop but a place to teach, share and bring women as myself together. To not have to think about the job we don't have, bills we can't pay and the stress of everyday life. I have always had a passion to help others and I feel that this will allow me to help other women to become creative without having to spend too much. Instead of spending money on a purchased greeting card or a gift we can't afford, I want others to create cards and paper crafts that will be cherished forever by our friends and family.

My prayer is that this group will be blessed. As always, thank you for visiting my blog. ~Joseline

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